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Product Description

Portable Power Pack provides power to your smartphone, digital camera or tablet anywhere you go. Never be without power again! Power can be recharged to the device by USB, solar or dynamo cranking. Has built-in flashlight, LED indicators show charge level The Power Pack stores energy in high-grade lithium polymer cells for later use. It has a built-in flashlight, LED indicators show charge level & a durable case that is water resistant. It's small enough that it can be stowed away in your backpack or jacket pocket.

Warranty Information

6000 mAh power pack.|10 min in sun provides 10 min of talk time.|1 min cranking will provide 10 min of talk time.|Will charge smartphones with 2000 mAh battery up to 3 times.|Available Spring 2015!Place your order today to reserve supply when item becomes available.

Product Reviews

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  1. I love the Coghlans 6000mAh Power Pack, BUT you must be realistic with your expectations. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Mar 24th 2016

    I love this device, but you must be realistic with your expectations.

    I have an Anker Astro Pro2 20,000mAh, an Energizer XPAL XP18000, and a Tekkeon MP3450 battery (All bought here on Amazon over the years.) that I've used for my phones, iPads, Laptop (Anker, XP18000, & Tekkeon support 16Volts for laptops, etc..) & MiFi when on the road. They all provide good amounts of power for a decent duration, BUT once they were finally drained, they were just dead weight.

    Now the Coghlans 6000mAh power pack is not going to provided anywhere near the amount of power storage or higher voltages like the Anker Astro Pro2, XP18000, or Tekkeon, so don't think that it will power your notebooks like they can, so it is NOT a replacement for them. It provides about 5Volts (like most phone charging accessories), but with only 1/3 or less of the storage capacity of my others. (18000mAh or more vs the 6000mAh of the Coghlans capacity) The KEY difference for me is that when any of my other batteries run flat, I have to find a mains tap for their AC adapters in order to top-off the batteries again before they are useful. With the Coghlans, even if I run the cell dry, I have the options to crank the internal dynamo for a minute or so to keep a call on an almost dead phone going, or to bring back a phone that has already died. Quite a bit more cranking to keep an iPad going, but at least I have the option. And while I'm not actively using it, I can lay it in the sun with the solar panel up to give it a little additional solar power help. (I was just in Las Vegas for a business trip last week and the solar panel worked MUCH better there than I am noticing here in New Jersey, so sun quantity and quality will likely determine the on-board solar panel feature's usefulness to you.)

    So long story-short: I still keep my Anker and XP18000 fully charged. I am still seeking a replacement for my aged Tekkeon MP3450 as it barely holds a charge anymore, but I've used it regularly for almost 5 years now. (These portable battery backups don't often last longer than 3-5 years in the first place, in my experience.) So the Coghlans isn't REPLACING any of my batteries, but it DOES offer instant power on the go so that I don't have to worry about rationing my power as much as I used to. (After living through Hurricanes Irene and Sandy, both resulting in days/weeks without power, I breathe a little easier knowing that I will have the ability to power emergency calls if needed no matter what even if I can't get to our generator or am away from home.)

    To me, THAT is the value of the Coghlans unit. If you're on the go, it's tops. However, if you're at home, I'd consider a "pedal-powered" dynamo as infinitely more practical than a "hand-cranked" dynamo. Oh, and as another reviewer mentioned, the two-stage flashlight in the Coghlans is quite useful and can cast a surprisingly powerful beam when needed, or be backed-down to a less powerful beam for normal use. I'm buying more of these this year as stocking-stuffers for my immediate family as I know that they will appreciate having them on-hand when the next blackout comes, which seems to happen every year or two in our part of New Jersey.

    EDIT: Oh, some observations that I would want to know if I were looking to buy one:
    1. It arrived with about 85% charge on the battery, and took about 90 minutes to completely fill (Charge lights stopped flashing.)
    2. You USB charge it via a micro-USB cable. I used an Apple iPAD AC adapter it took about 6.5 hours for it to fully charge from empty.
    3. Charging the Coghlans from my laptop's USB 2.0 port took between 7 & 8 hours from empty.
    4. It doesn't seem to matter which direction you turn the dynamo's handle in.
    5. The dynamo's resistance varies as you crank the handle. (I presume to regulate how much charge is being generated.)
    6. I found that if I CRANK the dynamo for 120 secs (harder than it sounds!) I can "See" it charge my iPhone 5 for ~30 secs with everything on.
    7. I found that if I charge it in STRONG Nevada sun for 10 minutes I could "See" it charge my iPhone 5 for ~60 secs with everything on.
    8. I found that in STRONG New Jersey sun for 10 minutes I can "See" it charge my iPhone 5 for ~30 secs with everything on.
    9. A full battery in the Coghlans 6000mAh Power Pack was able to fully charge my iPhone 5 from empty WHILE IN USE & still had 2 LEDs lit.
    10. A full battery in the Coghlans 6000mAh Power Pack was only able to charge my iPAD Air from empty WHILE IN USE to 35% at most..
    11. The Coghlans outputs enough power from its battery to charge my iPad Air and original iPads "Normally", and not in the slow, low-power "Not Charging" mode that low power AC adapters and batteries can result in.

    But be realistic. This isn't likely to give you even 2% battery increase from turning the crank. It will only allow you to TALK at MINIMUM power usage. (i.e. no data, Bluetooth, background programs, etc.. running, and screen on lowest setting to make your call.) Basic VOICE ONLY and even then you will only get a few minutes before your phone shuts down again. 3 FULL MINUTES OF CRANKING only actively charged the iPhone 5 for ~28 seconds, and even then, only raised the battery level by 1%. (Note the iPhone 5 was in "Airplane Mode" with the screen on its dimmest setting, so NO additional power was being drained.)

    Also note that while cranking the dynamo on the Coghlans Power Pack, it WILL NOT charge your devices at the same time! You must finish cranking, then press the battery/start button to begin charging your device.

    Now the flashlight runs like a champ from cranking the dynamo, so it definitely works! It just doesn't put out as much power as our power-hungry smartphones want to be practical for anything but TRUE emergency use once the 6000mAh battery is dead.

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