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Winter Accessories to Keep you Toasty

Posted by Sharon Harrington on

As the temperatures outside drop you’ll want to add more and more clothing to your attire to be sure you stay cozy any time you’re outdoors. While layers are a great way to be sure you won’t overheat, winter accessories are often just as effective at regulating your body temperature. They are easy to remove while you’re on-the-go and can often make a big difference in whether you’re too hot or too cold. Luckily, we’ve got the accessories you need to keep you toasty from your head to your toes!


A hat makes a big difference in your overall comfort. Hats trap a lot of body heat and can be easily put on or removed depending on your ever-changing needs. Hats come in a variety of styles and materials, and ultimately the hat you choose will be based largely on personal preferences. Be sure you don’t pick a cotton hat, and instead go for a material like fleece (that will continue to provide warmth even if it’s wet) or something that is water and wind resistant.


Earmuffs are often overlooked when it comes to winter accessories. While an oversized hat can also cover your ears, earmuffs provide the flexibility to have a bare head but still provide protection for your fragile ears. They are lightweight and conveniently fold into a very small size.


When it’s windy or rainy outside one of the first areas of your body to take a hit is your face. If you plan to head out in these conditions be sure to grab a balaclava. Wearing a balaclava will provide you with an extra layer over your head while protecting your delicate face from the elements.

Mittens and gloves

Adjusting the temperature of your hands is a surprisingly effective way to affect your overall body temperature. If you’re going out in extreme conditions it is best to wear mittens so that your fingers are all together, in one warm place. Gloves are better for times when you need to have some use of your fingers preserved. Water and wind resistant materials make mittens and gloves even more valuable as a winter accessory.

Wool socks

Much like hands, feet are apt to get cold quickly, and a pair of thick, wool socks can help keep your toes toasty. Unlike mittens or gloves, socks are hard to change out in the middle of an adventure, so be sure to experiment on shorter trips so that you know what works to keep your feet just right.

Dressing appropriately for the weather is always a must when you’re headed on an outdoor adventure and it’s the little things that make or break your winter trips. Keep in mind that you can always throw in a pair of hand or feet warmers for those absolutely freezing days!