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Outdoor Safety in the Fall

Posted by Sharon Harrington on

Fall is a wonderful time of year to be outside, but it presents explorers with a unique set of safety concerns. Weather, daylight savings time and hunting all pose risk to anyone who is outside in the fall. Here’s what you should do to stay safe:

Dress for any weather

Because the temperature can change greatly throughout a fall day, you need to wear the right layers. Its best to have a moisture-wicking later against your skin, followed by an insulating later (like fleece) and topped off with a wind and water resistant jacket. Never wear cotton or denim as they both absorb water quickly and dry slowly, which can be dangerous as the temperature drops.

Be careful on slippery surfaces

Wet leaves on rocks can make for a slick situation. Bring your trekking poles if you’re out for a hike. Even if something doesn’t look slippery, brace yourself so that you’re ready if it is!

Check for ticks

A pile of fallen leaves are fun to jump in for everyone, even ticks. Some tick species are still active until a good freeze occurs, so continue to be diligent about tick checks.

Bring a headlamp

Days are shorter and nightfall seems to come faster in the fall. You might be prompted to stay out longer because of beautiful weather or you might be forced to by an injury or by being lost. Always be sure there’s a headlamp in your safety kit.

Wear bright colors

While hunting does occur year-round, hunters are most active in the fall. Distinguish yourself from what could be an animal by wearing bright colored clothing and using bright accessories, like pack covers.

Go where hunting isn’t allowed

State game lands offer a retreat into nearly unaltered wilderness, but in the fall they are bound to be full of hunters. Avoid them. Instead, spend your outdoor time where hunting isn’t allowed, like city, national and state parks.

Bring a buddy

More people means more eyes to look for fall hazards, more noise to warn hunters and more fun!

Any outdoor activity that can be done in the summer can be done in the fall. There is still plenty of time to enjoy your favorites before the snow flies, but with a few safety precautions now that fall is upon us.