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Outdoor Activities to Try in the Winter

Posted by Sharon Harrington on

Just because winter has dumped feet of snow on all of your favorite outdoor retreats doesn’t mean you need to stay inside for the next few months. There are several outdoor activities that are best enjoyed in the snow. Sure, you know about skiing and snowboarding, but have you ever tried snowshoeing, cross country skiing or ice fishing? We’ve put together a quick list of our favorite winter activities (For more information on each individual activity, click on the link to more specific blogs).

1. Snowshoeing- if you enjoy hiking the trails when there’s no snow on the ground, give snowshoeing a try. The large surface area of the snowshoe allows you to travel as if there were no white stuff underfoot—except it’ll still be cold.

2. Cross country skiing- similar to snowshoeing, cross country skiing is perfect if you’re looking to cover distance while outdoors. The skis provide the advantage of moving faster and easier across the snow, allowing you to go further than with snowshoes.

3. Ice fishing- the freezing temperatures don’t have to stop you from enjoying a nice day on the lake. You won’t need a boat to go ice fishing, but there are specific gear requirements.

4. Tubing/sledding- no matter their age, everyone loves the idea of racing down a snow-covered hill on an old-fashioned tobaggon. These days plastic sleds and tubes are more popular, but even a cardboard box will work!

5. Ice climbing- sliding down a hill won’t do it for the most adventurous folk, but ice climbing is a thrilling sport requiring guts and strength. It should not be attempted without proper training.

6. Camping- sure, it’s a bit chillier, but that doesn’t mean camping can’t be fun! With a bit of extra gear (and lots more hot chocolate), spending the night underneath a wintry, starry sky can be just as peaceful as summer camping.

Don’t lock yourself indoors until the snow melts. Get outside and enjoy one of these winter activities. You may find out that you love the snow even more than the heat of summer.

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