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Camper Chris was founded with a single mission in mind: to make camping easy, fun and affordable for families.

Growing up in southern Minnesota, camping trips were a frequent and anticipated get-away in my household. It was on these trips that I learned how to pitch a tent, start a campfire and toast the perfect golden marshmallow -- but I also learned much more. When it came time to start making outdoor memories with my own son, I discovered that a lot had changed. Most retailers I encountered were either of a bargain-basement variety, or catering to the elite outdoor enthusiast. And perhaps even more surprising, there wasn't a single source of good, practical information for people who hadn't spent their youth gathering kindling or sleeping under the stars, but who wanted to share time in nature with their loved ones. (Or, who simply hadn't used a camping stove since 1995. Sound familiar?) So in 2009, the concept behind Camper Chris was born.

Since then we've been focused on building the business and launching a website where you can find quality -- but affordable - - camping supplies that will keep you and your family warm, fed and sheltered on endless trips. But our aspirations are much bigger. In the future, we want to become your go-to resource for not only the supplies you need, but also for tips and information that will make your trips easier and even more enjoyable.

To do this, we need your help. After checking out our products (and filling your cart!) take a moment to find us on your favorite social media "like" us on Facebook, friend us on Twitter and be sure to tell your friends and family about Camper Chris. We'd also love to hear from you -- whether it's to share your favorite camping memory, to provide feedback on your shopping experience or a particular product, to ask a camping question, or simply to say "hi." Until then, happy camping to you and your family.

Camper Chris Customer Service (toll free): 855-622-6737
104 W Ciro St
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